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The world’s biggest & strongest animals are plant-eaters, A.K.A. herbivores. Hippos, Elephants, Gorillas and Buffalos to name a few. Along with recent science, these animals showcase that a strong and healthy lifestyle is not only possible with a vegan or plant-based diet, but is the direct path towards it.

Our mission is to make it worry-free.

And to inspire anyone along the way to make the shift & keep on going - by taking the worry about meeting nutritional needs out of the equation. Made only with what you need, our quality ingredients include the most premium, plant-based sourcing around. All in one supplement. Just take 2 pills together daily, and you’re all set. To live your best vegan or plant-based life.

For Vegans, By Vegans

P.S. The shift to plants is happening.

All great social movements were born out of a small group of dedicated people. Things that seem obvious now, were once deemed fringe and revolutionary at the time. Only in hindsight do we see just how powerful one person’s decisions truly are. 

The facts are out:

 Animals are dying in the billions.

About 56 billion farmed animals a year.

Our earth can’t breathe right.

Greater greenhouse gas emissions than the world’s cars, trucks, trains, boats and airplanes combined.

Our bodies are giving out under it.

All the saturated fats, cholesterol & hormones.

Saturated Fats


There is a better way, and now a better multi.