Introducing The Multivitamin Developed Exclusively for Vegans

  • Designed for Plant-Based Diets
  • 7 Essential Nutrients in 1
  • NON-GMO, Vegan & Allergen Free
  • Superior Bioavailability & Absorption
  • Innovative, Science-Based Formulation
  • Highest Quality Ingredients

    Be Your Best You

    Congrats! You’ve chosen the most evolved way of eating on the planet. And for good reason. You know the strongest, biggest and healthiest animals flourish on a plant-based diet. You also recognize that veganism supports all living creatures, the environment & provides countless health benefits. But you may not know there are 7 essential nutrients that a plant-based diet doesn’t provide or are hard to come by, causing nutritional gaps - even in the best of diets. With over two years of research and development and assistance by a leading formulation specialist, we’re proud to have created the first complete multivitamin for vegans that contain these essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal health.


    All Vegan Supplements Are Not Created Equal.

    Why are we a cut above the competition?  Other supplements are just vegan-friendly, but only Hippo7 enhances your plant-based diet by providing the 7 specific nutrients your body requires for optimal health.  We use non-synthetic B12, marine algae Omega 3 DHA/EPA and the only The Vegan Society registered plant-based Vitamin D3.  Other vegan-friendly supplements leave out essential nutrients, source synthetic B12 & use lower quality Vitamin D2, even though countless studies show that Vitamin D3 is far superior. They also don't include Omega 3 (DHA/EPA) because it requires a softgel and isn't seen as a cost-effective ingredient. Our breakthrough science-based formulation is designed for optimal bioavailability, and includes the most referenced nutrients in current research at risk on a vegan or plant-based diet.

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Meet the 7 essentials.

5 star review

Freaking stoked!

It makes me feel great, and gives me extra energy to power through each day!


    Purity You Can Trust.

    We Only Include Ingredients You Need, and Nothing You Don’t!

    100% Vegan
    No Artificial Colorants 

    No Synthetic Fillers Added


Rooted in Nature. Backed by Science.

You care about what you put into your body, and so do we! That’s why at Hippo7, we only include the safest, purest and most effective ingredients to compliment your vegan or plant-based diet. Our groundbreaking formulation is based on two years of extensive scientific research, and contain the 7 essential nutrients that provide maximum health benefits. Along with our GMP and NSF compliant manufacturer, who is focused on top quality control practices, superior attention and care are what make Hippo7 a cut above the competition. 

High Standards

Our Promise to You

Since the launch of Hippo7, we’ve been committed to bringing our integrity and full transparency at every stage of production. For your ultimate peace of mind, every bottle of Hippo7 is held to the highest standards at every stage – from sourcing the top quality ingredients to overseeing the manufacturing at our state-of-the-art facility in the U.S.A.  Through this commitment, you can feel confident about the superior quality, purity and extraordinary care we put into our multivitamin. Our product is tested for purity, composition, strength & identity. 

Vibrant Health in a Bottle.

Hippo7 helps you reap all the extraordinary health and longevity benefits that a vegan or plant-based diet has to offer.
  • Higher Energy
  • Improved moods
  • Increased focus & concentration
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Improved heart health
  • Increased optimized health

    Hippo7 Skyrockets Your Plant-Based Diet to the Next Level

    We don’t believe in messing with a good thing. That’s why our mission is to enhance your vegan or plant-based diet. With science behind us and the most advanced nutritional research at our fingertips, we’ve created the ultimate multivitamin for vegans to optimize a plant-based way of eating. Our innovative, science-based formulation contains the cleanest and highest quality ingredients that complete your daily meals for spectacular nutritional benefits.


    Supercharge Your Vegan Lifestyle!

    Many of the most elite athletes in the world credit their plant-based diet for their ability to stay at the top of their game. At Hippo7, we help you maintain your active lifestyle and fulfill your highest potential, always. With just two softgels each day, you’ll receive the most crucial nutrients your body needs to stay strong, flexible and balanced.  Consider Hippo7 your ally for ensuring the fullest, healthiest and most energetic life until your golden years, and beyond. 


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