Vegan Complete

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Vegan Complete

Vegan Complete

The most complete multivitamin, designed just for vegans.


The first complete multivitamin designed for vegan or plant-based diets. 7 essential nutrients in 1 supplement. No artificial colorants or synthetic fillers added.

Vegan | Non-GMO | Allergen Free

  • Marine Algae Omega-3s DHA/EPA
  • First Vegan Society Certified Vitamin D3
  • Non-Synthetic, Natural Form B12 
  • Atlantic Kelp Iodine
  • Highest Elemental Calcium
  • Gentle, Non-Reactive Iron
  • Bioavailable Zinc

Current scientific research shows that almost half the essential nutrients we include in our multivitamin are typically found in animal products (like Omega 3 DHA/EPA, D3 & B12). The rest require considerate meal planning to reach recommended levels.