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To Ensure Your Vegan Diet is Worry-Free!

To Ensure Your Vegan Diet is Worry-Free!

Meet the Hippo7 Team

The founders of Hippo7 are vegans, too.  That’s why they care so deeply that their friends, family and customers receive complete nutrition while following a plant-based diet.  While veganism is the most evolved way of eating on the planet, the truth is no diet is 100% perfect.  So, when current scientific research showed that 7 essential nutrients were typically missing from the vegan diet, they noticed a huge gap in the supplement market for a multivitamin designed for vegans that provides those ingredients. Backed by a top supplement formulation specialist and years of research , they’re proud to have created Hippo7, the most complete supplement for vegans that provides the highest quality nutritional support.

  • We pride ourselves on

    Providing the Best Multivitamin For Vegans on the Market.

    Your health and satisfaction is Hippo7’s #1 priority!  Our company is committed to only using the purest, safest and most potent ingredients.  Unlike other supplements, Hippo7 supports and enhances your vegan or plant-based diet at the lowest possible cost. Hippo7’s science-based formulation completes your vegan or plant-based diet, while nourishing your body, mind and spirit.  

  • Commitment to

    Excellence Every Step of the Way.

    Hippo7 is committed to working with top suppliers to ensure you’re always receiving the freshest, purest and top quality ingredients.  Manufactured in the U.S.A. in state-of-the-art facilities, every step of production is extensively monitored to ensure our multivitamin is held up to the highest standards. Our trusted manufacturer is GMP certified,  member of NSF, USP verified, FDA registered and audited.  We exceed industry standards for maintaining freedom from allergens and environmental contaminants to maintain the superior quality of each bottle of Hippo7.