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We Couldn’t Find It, So We Made It

We Couldn’t Find It, So We Made It

If we're being honest (and that's kind of our thing) ... Hippo7 was born simply because we wanted a high-quality supplement to support and complement our plant-based diet.

We knew we needed certain nutrients that weren't always easy to find in a plant-based diet. So, we scoured the market for a premium, vegan supplement containing those missing nutrients.

Much to our disappointment, we came up empty-handed.

But that didn't stop us. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. After substantial research and development, and obsessive refinement, we launched Vegan Complete. Packed with those hard-to-find essential nutrients, Vegan Complete is specifically formulated to enhance plant-based diets. Soon recognized as a stand-out product, Vegan Complete earned a trusted reputation and a strong following.

Today the complete line of Hippo7 premium vegan supplements also includes Zen Warrior to help manage stress, Immune Star to help support your immune system, Skin Dazzle to help support skin health & Bliss Digest to help support digestive health.*

Each supplement has a specific purpose and is formulated to provide targeted support. We are committed to making your wellness journey less complicated and more complete.

At Hippo7, we're making high-quality, vegan supplements to support your specific needs so you can feel your best every day.

  • Why the "Hippo" in Hippo7?

    The hippopotamus (aka the hippo) eats a lot of plants. We appreciate this about the hippo, because we truly believe plant-based diets support healthier people and a healthier planet. And of course, plant-based diets are better for the health and wellbeing of animals, too. But we also recognize that the journey to embracing a plant-based diet is different for everyone. So, whether you're just starting a plant-based diet, or you're an experienced herbivore, the Hippo is here to support you.

    Hippo7 Proud Plant Eater Logo. Hippo7 Vegan Complete provides 7 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Designed for vegans and plant-based diets.
  • Why "7" in Hippo7?

    To ensure each Hippo7 capsule contains a powerful dose of nutrients, we limit the number of key nutrients to just seven. We've found that seven is the magic number when it comes to developing a highly-effective product with a practical serving size (nobody wants to struggle to swallow a ginormous-sized pill).

    Why 7 in Hippo7