About Us

Wellness is Not All or Nothing

It's about taking small, meaningful steps towards overall well-being. Whether you're already well-versed in your wellness journey or are “wellness-curious”, we're here to meet you where you are.

Our high quality, specialty 7-in-1 supplements are meticulously crafted to address specific needs and make your wellness journey simpler, and better.

But we're more than just a supplement brand. We're your partner in wellness, committed to providing the resources, products, and guidance you need to thrive.

Here's to being your best you.

  • Targeted Wellness Support

    Each supplement has a specific purpose and is formulated to provide targeted support. We are committed to making your wellness journey less complicated and more complete.

    Hippo7 Zen Warrior stress management supplement being showcased and held
  • Why "Hippo"?

    Why "Hippo"?

    The hippopotamus (aka the hippo) eats a lot of plants and we love that about the hippo! Yet, what truly sets the hippo apart is its remarkable strength, resilience, and adaptability – qualities we all embody in our best moments. At Hippo7, we are inspired from these traits and on a mission to support everyone on their wellness journey and be their best.

    Why "7"?

    Why "7"?

    To ensure each Hippo7 capsule contains a powerful dose of nutrients, we limit the number of key nutrients to just seven. We've found that seven is the magic number when it comes to developing a highly-effective product with a practical serving size (nobody wants to struggle to swallow a ginormous-sized pill).