The most commonly asked questions about our multivitamin:


Why Hippo7?

Hippo7 is formulated to include 7 essential nutrients that are typically missing or harder to come by on a vegan or plant-based diet. All in one supplement.

Is Hippo7 safe for children?

Is Hippo7 FDA approved?

Can Hippo7 be taken with prescription medication?

Are your supplements made and manufactured under strict quality control?

Shipping and handling

What is your shipping time?

2-5 business days on the first order. After that subscription orders are placed on an auto schedule to assure timely delivery each month. 


Is subscription the only type of purchase available?

No, we do offer a 1 time purchase but the subscription is more cost effective and super convenient. You’ll receive a new supply each month to ensure you never run out and maintain optimal health. You can also manage your account to match your personnel needs by choosing how many days a part you receive each bottle as well as changing or skipping delivery dates. We also offer a 1 click, hassle-free cancel anytime.

Didn’t see the question you’re looking for? Simply email us at support@hippo7.com and one of our support team will get back to you shortly.